Kaitlyn Did You Know?

This is so heartfelt.

My Bright Shining Star

My wonderful Kaitlyn. In the year that you have been gone I have had the great fortune to have, from time to time, antibiotics poured onto the wounds of my soul that were caused by your suicide. Though there are not many things that help me get through this, there are those wonderful times that I get to view how other people saw you. Some of these people I don’t even know, some I did a little, some I had heard of but never met.

These wonderful people who you had met or spent time with during various activities of your life, at different times of your life, have taken the time to sit down and write to me and tell me of those times they spent with you, what a wonderful person you were and how you touched their lives. Kaitlyn, having them do this ranks among the highest…

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2 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Did You Know?

  1. Thank you for re-blogging my post. I want to applaud you for the posts you are putting on your blog about suicide and it’s prevention. It’s so very important to make people aware of this horrible problem.

    • I just want to be the voice of the lives lost to suicide, and show those that still have a voice how to use it. It’s good to help someone that struggles like you have. It’s amazing to see the impact I’ve made with this post. Thank you for viewing. Come back anytime! 🙂

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